Just ten years after launching BrewDog, and with the fame of their Punk IPA brand, Scottish beer-makers Martin Dickie, and James Watt decided to dream big and create the world’s first luxury beer hotel “The Doghouse Hotel and Brewery.”

The unique Columbus, Ohio hotel spoils their guests with beer-infused spa treatments, barrel Jacuzzis filled with beer, luxury suites with views of gigantic beer kegs, extra large plasma TVs, and a fully stocked craft beer bar with none other than Punk IPA on tap. As an added touch an extra mini beer fridge placed in the ensuite for those longer restroom visits or shower beers.

The exterior of this lavish hotel design features beautiful green countryside with luxurious seating areas and an extravagant entrance. A top-tier restaurant serves a menu full of gourmet beer infused delights with an unbelievable selection of the world’s best craft beers.

Feeling guilty thinking about all of the beer, food, and lounging? Don’t worry the hotel has a fully equipped gym on site to ease that guilt, as well as stunning conference centers to host your events and please your crowds.

When asked where the inspiration to open a luxury beer hotel came from Martin and James say “We wanted to combine our two favourite passions; beer and sleeping.”

The DogHouse Columbus cost around $6 million USD to bring to life and was worth every penny!

Producing 2.2 million bottles of beer and just under half a million cans per month, their incredible ales, stouts, and lagers are available in many countries along with 49 special BrewDog bars found in major cities across the world.

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